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Just Blossom was founded in 2014 by Britni (Ingram) Stampley. Through the challenges and victories of her life experience, she developed a passion to empower women through Faith, Fashion, Fitness, and Finances. 


These are areas that often strike at the core of a women’s self-esteem and are near and dear to Britni’s heart. She chose these pillars because Faith is the inner foundation to a woman’s strength and the vehicle by which her life transformation begins. Fashion is often an outward presentation of a woman’s inner work, and it is often a resource a woman uses to make a lasting impression on others. Fitness is key because it is an important component of a woman’s overall health and can directly impact her quality of life. Finances incorporate personal financial stewardship, business, career, and entrepreneurial endeavors and enable women to positively impact and influence her family and community. 


Britni launched her first Just Blossom conference in July 2014 where a variety of speakers spoke on Faith, Fashion, Fitness, and Finances. She also continued various community outreach events on campus at Grand Valley State University and in the local Detroit Metropolitan area. Events have included toiletry collection for women’s shelters, prom dresses collections for high school seniors, Cupcakes and Chatter, dance classes, and more. 


In February of 2017, Amy Smith asked to partner with Britni and join the vision for Just Blossom. Since that time, they’ve been working together to fulfill Just Blossom’s mission to empower women. 


In July 2017, Just Blossom hosted another hugely successful conference themed “Public Success, Private Failure” which featured speakers as well as numerous vendors. 


Just Blossom also obtained their 501c3, non-profit status in 2017. Community support and requests for Just Blossom services have continued to grow. In 2020, God opened the doors of opportunity, and Just Blossom Studio was launched! This studio location will continue to provide services and outreach for women’s empowerment in the community.

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